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IntelliTek Health: Real-time JCI Compliance, enabled by AI technology workflows  - designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare providers - keeping patients and caregivers informed and safe.

Our Three E approach expands and accelerates some of the finest thought leadership around the Quadruple aim of Healthcare.



Engage your digital assets in ways that allow you to recuse cost, automate, and enable connected models of care. We advocate for legacy-friendly modernization that transforms from within, at a pace determined by your culture.


Use SmartBots that are powered by humans, data, and AI insights to engage and delight your entire ecosystem: patients, families, customers, suppliers, and most of all - care teams - from providers to clinicians, administrators, and staff.


Improve outcomes by a greater focus on quality, accuracy, visibility, insights, and expertise. This enables better care. Choose the solutions to support your digital journey and best meet your goals.


A holistic view of healthcare

Having a more expansive, inclusive approach will benefit everyone.

Beyond patients, to everyone visiting your facility.

Beyond Physicians, to everyone in the entire care team.

Doctors, nurses, residents, administrators, clinicians, all staff - there is immense pressure on all these individuals to perform day after day in very tough situations. So we are in constant pursuit of new, useful, and innovative ways to support them with new technology and applications.


Save money, less stress for all

— Marian Noone, CEO,
ark Healthcare

“Patient registration, admission, and discharge are a bottleneck in any health facility. Using the new digitized workflows will not only save millions of dollars a year, but they will also alleviate stress and reduce delays for all concerned”.

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Martyn Molnar

VP International


Andrew Wells



Brian Flood


Newpark Healthcare


Carmel Roberts

Partner, Quality, Patient Strategy & Accreditation, Newpark Healthcare


Al Lalji

Chairman and Founder


Chandrashekhar Reddy

Associate Vice President, Product, SmarTek21


Marian Noone


of Newpark healthcare


Dr. Helena Tuite

Partner, Quality & Strategy, Newpark Healthcare


We would love to talk to you


Accelerated by the unprecedented effects of Covid on all aspects of our lives, but most significantly on healthcare as a work environment,  digitization is moving faster than anyone predicted.


Now is the time to talk to us about what you want your technology to achieve for your business and your people. 


Tell us about what you hope to achieve and some of the obstacles you face and we will be able to help you find a route to faster deployment and cleaner integration to your existing systems.


Thoughtful AI technology supporting health practitioners devote more time to patient care.

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Intellitek Health brings conversational AI to International Hospitals and Care Providers across MENA and Europe in a flagship $100M AI Software as a Service (SaaS) collaboration with Newpark Healthcare.

NewPark Healthcare and Intellitek Health announce $100M Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS) collaboration to support Healthcare Institutions and Governments in their quest for higher quality and greater efficiency.