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IntelliTek Health, a SmarTek21 company, a world leader in AI-driven platforms that can enrich conversations between patients and caregivers and create actionable intelligence for the healthcare sector.



IntelliTek Health: AI-enabled workflows, designed by Healthcare professionals for Healthcare providers, creating efficient and effective digital and personalized interactions between patient, doctor, and healthcare partners.


AI-powered technology

Automation capabilities

Customized SmartBots 

SaaS based


We work with healthcare industry leaders to leverage our powerful AI and automation capabilities. We deeply understand that healthcare organizations need new, unique ways to deliver efficiencies, manage information, build effectiveness, and create extraordinary experiences for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Automation Digitization


Reduction in Customer Support Costs



Increase in Employee Productivity



Increase in Consumer Satisfaction

We partner with you to deliver an AI roadmap customized for your organization


Leading AI

We have a 15-year history of building leading AI assets with thoughtful design for flawless implementation and integration to your existing environment.


Collaborate for Maximum ROI

We prioritize your top workflows to create a product roadmap that targets ROI, operational excellence and cultural sensitivity.


Healthcare Expertise and Empathy

We follow thought leadership on healthcare’s Quadruple Aim to build a partnership model that makes sense for you, that includes Licensing and Pay for Performance. (P4P)

Save money, less stress for all

— Marian Noone, CEO,
Newpark Healthcare

“Patient registration, admission, and discharge are a bottleneck in any health facility. Using the new digitized workflows will not only save millions of dollars a year, but they will also alleviate stress and reduce delays for all concerned”.

Committed to your success and with a focus on measurable elements, we will accelerate your journey of digital transformation in a thoughtful, impactful way.

IntelliTek Health will

  • Accelerate your digital transformation

  • Configure products that target the workflows that matter to you

  • Build plans together for fast deployment

  • Always be accountable to plan, budget and timelines

We are trusted by our partners to get the job done and value collaboration, continuous innovation, and real-time learning to make us better for our next deployment.

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