The IntelliTek platform is tried and tested across many industries and FT250 companies around the world.  With leading AI technology at it’s core, and in partnership with our clinical and healthcare professionals, we have enhanced the SaaS platform to address pain points for healthcare providers in the areas of quality, compliance and accreditation, as well as providing new experiences that delight patients and caregivers alike.


AI & cognitive services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI has numerous sub-disciplines, the most notable being machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), but it also encompasses core technical areas such as speech recognition, image recognition, text to speech and speech to text. Each of the above are critical to the overarching goal of humanizing the interaction we have with technology, and using that technology to augment our ability to engage with systems and data.

IntelliTek Health’s Product solutions

You get a bespoke product roadmap to digitize your workflows which will reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance experiences

IntelliTek Health’s Product solutions suite is modular - and can be adapted to meet your priorities and goals. Some examples are:

  • Patient Registration

  • Hospital Admissions

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Pre-operative Management

  • Hospital Discharge

  • Medication Management

  • Post-visit Patient Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Access and Transfer Services

  • Campus Wayfinding

  • Post-Op Care Management

We offer two methods to implement our suite of products

Your journey can start with a focus on efficiency and compliance, then move towards creating great, technology-enabled experiences for Patient and Caregivers. For all product modules,  your outcomes and effectiveness are tracked via insightful data that enable impactful decisions.


We create a mobile application suite for you

You can have a mobile application suite, created by IntelliTek Health, for you to deploy to every patient and caregiver on their own or Hospital owned devices. You can manage this roll-out with support from Operations or IT departments or we can do it for you.


Core workflows identified that will have the most impact are implemented first.


Deployment to your staff and patients is fast, flexible and easy to support


We embed your mobile application suite into your existing system

We have simple and robust methods to integrate our product suite into your existing mobile systems so that they are seamless to deploy using your existing roll-out procedures and service infrastructure.


Retain customer familiarity and consistency with existing solutions. 


Get up and running quickly with full interoperability on data and insights


Holistic health solutions depending on your goals

Efficiency is centered on cost reduction and process optimization
Effectiveness targets quality and outcomes
Experience is designed around patient or caregiver enablement